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Registered Competitors

Name Craft Status Entry Confirmed Ref
Nick DeakinSailboardGold-FleetAll WeekYESU429/E57
Peter CrosbySailboardGold-FleetAll WeekYESU319/E55
Danny CartridgeSailboardGold-FleetAll WeekYESU396/E53
Bob CartridgeSailboardGold-FleetAll WeekYESU393/E54
Garry ConnellSailboardPro-FleetAll WeekNoU265/E52
Paul ArnoldSailboardAmateur2-DayYESU489/E56
Trish KohnSailboardAmateurAll WeekYESU293/E50
Rob DunnSailboardAmateurAll WeekYESU253/E51
Steve ThompsonSailboardAmateur2-DayYESU296/E48
George FultonSailboardGold-FleetAll WeekYESU364/E47
james longmuirKite BoardKite-FleetAll WeekNoU305/E46
neil thompsonKite BoardKite-FleetAll WeekYESU390/E58
Steve WatsonSailboardAmateurAll WeekYESU121/E59
Emile Burnaby LautierKite BoardKite-FleetAll WeekYESU157/E60
Robin RussellSailboardGold-FleetAll WeekYESU156/E61
Chippington SimonSailboardAmateur2-DayYESU490/E62
Andrew TwinnSailboardAmateurAll WeekYESU427/E63
Thomas HarrisonSailboardAmateur2-DayYESU487/E64
John OliverSailboardGold-FleetAll WeekYESU234/E65
Simon PettiferSailboardPro-FleetAll WeekYESU445/E66
Denis GordoSailboardAmateurAll WeekYESU491/E67
James BattyeSailboardPro-FleetAll WeekYESU386/E68
Neven JureticSailboardGold-FleetAll WeekYESU431/E69
Tilmann HeinigKite BoardKite-FleetAll WeekYESU486/E70
Ross PalmerSailboardAmateurAll WeekYESU493/E71
david williamsKite BoardKite-FleetAll WeekYESU371/E72
Russ ThompsonSailboardAmateurAll WeekNoU492/E78
Daniel JohnstonSailboardAmateurAll WeekYESU406/E74
Emile Jan Burnaby LautierKite BoardKite-FleetAll WeekYESU494/E76
David ashmoreSailboardAmateurAll WeekYESU335/E77

Guidance - Entry Class

Please refer to the list of Entry classes for definitions.


Status will only be requested to be selected if you have chosen to enter a sail board.


Competitors who have not previously entered a WSW event with their chosen craft type may indicate themselves as being a first-time entrant. Note that we will override this for any sail board competitors who are of a Gold-Fleet or Pro-Fleet status.